Mohawk Aladdin Rule Breaker

Mohawk Aladdin Rule Breaker
The Aladdin Rule Breaker collection challenges societal norms and writes its own story when it comes to carpet tile. This rebellious and bold collection from Aladdin creates amazing looks with fierce colors and patterns that make the final product stand out in a commercial format. Its another tremendous flooring collection from Aladdin that is made with incredible quality and is protected with wonderful warranties to guarantee your peace of mind.

The Rule Breaker collection has a regular version of each color as well as a striped version. There are some differences when it comes to each carpet tile. The regular version features a level loop surface while the striped version contains a patterned loop. The basic carpet tile can be installed via four methods, including QuarterTurn, BrickAshlar, VerticalAshlar, and Monolithic. The striped carpet tile can be installed via QuarterTurn and BrickAshlar. Both the regular and striped are 24 x 24 inches and have the Mohawk Protection Plus Stain technology. Each also possesses EnviroStrand SD PET fiber and UltraSet Matrix backing for superior performance. The carpet tiles are all solution dyed.

Counting both the regular version and the striped, the Aladdin Rule Breaker collection comes with 12 selections or six of each. There are a variety of great colors present and all has their own personality to fit your commercial space perfectly.

Charcoal provides a nice standard dark coloring. Its probably going to give a classic commercial space vibe and it will be easy to keep clean. The Stripe Charcoal provides nice vertical stitching of an accented lighter coloring.

Cobalt is the blue in the Rule Breaker collection. Its going to create the feeling of having the ocean beneath your feet. Its a sharp coloring and the stripes are very thin vertical dark shading that are subtle in appearance.

Hickory is a beautiful red brown color. Its got a vintage vibe that will make your commercial space feel warm and inviting. The thin striped stitching for the alternate version provides a light accent that amplifies the color further.

Nickel offers a luxury silver/gray coloring that will offer a modern touch. This is perfect for new commercial spaces that are taking a look at the future side of things. The black stripes for the other version offer a nice medium to dark balance rather than a standard light accent.

Pewter is always a gorgeous glow to a space. Its a color that doesnt get enough recognition for its ability to transcend multiple dark colors and create its own unique look. The stripes on this version are also incredibly subtle.

Praline is an orange brown that offers some vibrancy to the room. This carpet tile from the Aladdin Rule Breaker collection certainly has a mind of its own. The dark stripes sort of give it a distinguished look fit for a luxury space.

The variety of warranties Aladdin offers you for the Rule Breaker collection should guarantee that youll be satisfied with your floor and have the feeling of being assured theyre engineered to last. The Aladdin collection comes with a 10 year limited colorfastness to atmospheric contaminants, edge ravel, zippering, and delaminated dimension stability warranties. Other warranties are included as well, such as a 10 year limited wear warranty, 10 year limited static protection warranty, and a 10 year limited stain resistance warranty.
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