Mohawk Aladdin Breaking News

Mohawk Aladdin Breaking News
The Aladdin Breaking News carpet tile collection brings luxury carpet tile to your commercial space. Engineered to deliver superior quality and performance, this collection from Aladdin will optimize your space with durable flooring that is set for your satisfaction. The carpet tile has a variety of selections that will provide the right coloring to blend wonderfully with your space.

Aladdins Breaking News collection features an UltraSet Matrix backing along with EnviroStrand SD Pet fiber backing. Breaking News has an exceptional textured loop surface that provides a wonderful consistent look throughout. The carpet tile also boasts the Mohawk protection plus release soil technology.

Installation is made easy with the Aladdin Breaking News carpet tile collection. The carpet tile can be installed via various methods, including QuarterTurn, BrickAshlar, VerticalAshlar, and Monolithic. This will create an easy process that will eliminate any headaches or concerns when installing your brand new carpet tile.

The collection comes with six different carpet tiles to choose from. Each set to fit the desired look of your commercial space. Each boasts a traditional carpet look with patterns that look like a grainy television channel with no signal.

Instant Replay takes a second look to reaffirm your decision with a lighter gray filled with grainy television patterns that will remind you of balancing your antenna.

Online News brings this floor to the world wide web with a navy blue color mixed with the same patterns as the rest of the floor in the collection. Theres no fear of having to deal with dial up with this selection.

There is no waiting around for this carpet tile. On Demand brings a charcoal color to the mix along with the complete satisfaction of having it instantly with easy installation methods brought to you by Aladdin.

Special Report is a this just in type of carpet tile. It brings you up to the date carpet tile with a medium brown so that you can stay informed of the quality product for your commercial space.

Total Access gives it all to your commercial space. A look behind the scenes and the finest carpet tile at your disposal. Total Access is the darkest in the collection and provides a bold look and changes the way you look at carpet tile.

Trending Now brings you the latest in carpet tile. You dont want to mess around with collection that are behind the times. No one wants a carpet tile that is last century. Your commercial space needs whats current and its this light brown carpet.

Aladdin offers a variety of warranties with the Breaking News carpet tile collection. Warranties include a 10-year limited wear warranty, 10-year limited static protection, and 10-year limited edge revel, zippering, delamination and dimension stability warranty. Also included is a 10-year limited stain resistance warranty along with a 10-year limited colorfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants warranties.
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