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Monocibec Tile

Monocibec Tile

Monocibec Tile has over 50 years of experience combining quality, technology, and unmatched panache to rank as one of the best ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers in the world. Based in Sassuolo, Italy just like many other ceramic tile producers, Monocibec stays true to its claims of excellent Italian craftsmanship in every single product that comes out of its factory’s kiln. For thousands of years, ceramic tile has been the preferred material for flooring, and Monocibec enhances the unique qualities of ceramic and porcelain to create durable, aesthetically pleasing tile flooring for residential as well as commercial applications. Boasting high flexion resistance, hypoallergenic properties, frost resistance, environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, and easy-to-clean surfaces, Monocibec Tile is an excellent flooring option that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also low maintenance and long lasting.

Designed, studied, and manufactured exclusively in Italy, Monocibec Tile offers ceramic and porcelain tile in several design aesthetics including modern, classic, traditional, and contemporary. Graal is a highly durable porcelain that projects stunning travertine stone replications that will bring elegance, class, and what native Italians like to call ‘raffinatezza’ to any portion of your living space. This beautiful porcelain can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens without the moisture absorbency issues that unfortunately come with authentic travertine stone. Graal will not become stained or damaged, as it is not only water but also chemical resistant. Monocibec’s Modern line provides a matted look to its several solid colors offered, allowing for nearly infinite design possibilities. Go with a solid color or mix and match tiles for a textured, eye-catching appearance. The ethereal, off-white tones of Ethnos are available in several sizes, ranging from small 6”x6” tiles to broad, elongated monolithic tiles in 20”x40” dimensions. If you want natural stone aesthetics in the form of extremely durable porcelain tile, Monocibec will pleasantly surprise you. Explore the wonderful options Monocibec Tile has to offer.

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