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Monocibec Tile Modern

Monocibec Tile Modern
Monocibec Tile ModernMonocibec Tile Modern

Monocibec Modern tile, unlike many other Monocibec collections, provides ambiguously neutral shades with a matte finish for a simultaneously mysterious allure and modern aesthetic. Thanks to its low water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent, Monocibec Modern is immune to freeze-thaw cycles, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use even in extreme climate zones. Go with either one solid color or mix and match tiles for a stunning avant-garde aesthetic. Despite its neutral colors, each tile projects slight shade variation that can create a flowing, linear appearance throughout your living space.

Monocibec Modern is available in six colors and three sizes. Depending on your personal design preferences, go with 18”x18”, elongated 12”x24”, or monolithic 24”x24” porcelain tiles. Grey is an alluring yet neutral tone that we love in home offices, foyers, and kitchens. Black brings a solid, dignified appearance to any area within your living space and matches well with modern, solid color furnishings. Olive is a matted brown with subtle hints of green that complements a variety of décor options and adds soft, subtle warmth to living rooms and dens.