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APC Cork

APC Cork is one of the leading North American providers of quality cork flooring, a flooring option designed to offer an attractive, durable, and environmentally friendly solution that is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Cork flooring is an entirely sustainable product, due to the Green manufacturing process used to create it. Cork is constructed from the bark of trees, which is collected from responsibly managed forests located in the Mediterranean region, without the need for any trees to ever be cut down! These APC cork floors are perfect for use in any area of a home, offering a resilient, stylish, and naturally beautiful look wherever they are applied. APC cork flooring is available in several styles, ensuring that any home’s décor will look excellent when matched with one of these versatile flooring options.

Available styles of APC cork floors include a standard series of cork tile, featuring selections that are perfect for residential use; a commercial series, which is more suitable for high traffic areas such as those found in businesses; and the Cork Floating Tile series, which offers ease of installation. There are also two designer collections of APC cork tile to choose from, including The Gems, a series aimed at capturing the look of exotic natural stone; and The Olympians, a collection reminiscent of the appearance of ancient architecture such as that found in ancient Greece. Perfect for anyone searching for a resilient, beautiful, environmentally sustainable flooring option, APC cork floors are designed to stand up to years of use, while providing a gorgeous appearance that will upgrade the aesthetics of any home.

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