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Mannington Hardwood

Mannington Hardwood

Mannington hardwood flooring has earned a well-respected reputation for stylish, quality, and durable wood flooring products. Remaining a premier family owned and operated manufacturer for top-quality hardwood, Mannington offers a long line of luxurious flooring collections. Backed with outstanding warranties, Mannington has an option for every décor style with a variety of finishes and wood species along with options of solid and engineered planks. The Mannington Inverness collection is widely loved for its solid composition with a rustic, hand-scraped flair. Atlantis offers an exotic lure with a resilient, glowing hue applied to 5” wide planks. Boldly pushing the limits, Mannington’s True Bamboo series presents the natural beauty of authentic bamboo in a versatile warm blend of browns and tans with a subtle copper accent.

Mannington hardwood floors also feature some unique innovations such as the 7-step UltraWear Plus finish with ScratchResist technology. These advanced finishes offer superior durability and protection from abrasion and liquid damage. Installation is easy for many products, thanks to Mannington’s precision engineered UltraFit tongue and groove system. This revolutionary interlocking installation system can help save time and money on labor costs. Best of all, Mannington is committed to sustainability, actively pursuing new methods to increase efficiency while decreasing environmental impact. The company frequently invests in new technologies and supports responsible manufacturing practices. This promotes conservation and restores the natural balance to harvested ecosystems. Therefore, regardless of the project, a Mannington hardwood floor provides beauty, durability, and environmental responsibility. So consider these floors for your next residential or light commercial flooring project; given the company’s commitment to quality, you will not be disappointed.

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