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Patcraft Stride

Patcraft Stride

Patcraft Stride broadloom commercial carpet projects a linear appearance that will give your floor a subtle pattern against a solid-color backdrop. Backed by a 10-year commercial warranty, Patcraft Stride won’t wear down prematurely, even in the face of elements tracked in from outdoors and heavy foot traffic. The textured loop construction and the Solution Q Nylon fibers give this collection remarkable durability in comparison with other commercial carpets available on the market. Like many of Patcraft’s other commercial flooring products, Stride is 100 percent recyclable after use.

Patcraft Stride is available in 12’ broadloom rolls and eight colors. Cruise is a deep blue, contrasting greatly with the neutral beiges of Amble. If you’re a fan of green, choose between the darker Gallop and lighter March options. Cantor and Saunter are two brown options that reflect a more classic look.