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LSI Vinyl

LSI Vinyl

LSI is a flooring manufacturer that provides the pinnacle of vinyl flooring designed to capture the appearance of various other flooring products, all while providing the slip resistant, cost effective, durable qualities of a vinyl floor. Whether it is tile, hardwood, metal, bamboo, or concrete, the looks available in the collection of LSI vinyl floors has it covered, helping to make sure that no matter what sort of style and taste a space is endowed with, these floors can help to beautify and enhance it. For a home that needs the warm touch of a wooden floor, or a perfect complement to its rustic décor, the Antique Woods collection, a series featuring the look of worn wood with the extra resilience of vinyl flooring, or the Natural Woods series, a more modern, cleaner cut wood look vinyl flooring option, are a perfect choice! If the look of hard concrete or metal is desired, then the Concrete and Tread Plate collections, lines designed to offer the look of concrete and metal with the slip resistant, easy to clean surface provided by vinyl flooring are a good option to consider. If a more exotic option is desired, the LSI Bamboo series, which captures the authentic appearance of a bamboo floor in vinyl, could be just the right fit.

LSI vinyl flooring is perfect for high traffic areas, and homes with rowdy pets or children, where wear and tear to the floor could happen faster than usual. These floors are simple to clean, and resist damage to a much higher degree than other types of flooring, providing a gorgeous vinyl flooring solution that is capable of capturing the look of several other types of floors, beautifying any space and adding the cost effective durability that just might make all the difference.

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