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IndusParquet Brazilian Hardwood

IndusParquet Brazilian Hardwood

The IndusParquet Engineered 3/8 selection of hardwood flooring is designed to offer a gorgeous exotic flooring option that is perfect for installation in any room of a home, including those with high risk of moisture exposure such as basements, as well as homes located in humid areas. These floors are of engineered construction, which also makes them a great choice for the environmentally conscious customer, as they use less valuable hardwood and more recyclable resources in their composition, lessening the amount of natural resources used to create them. These attractive IndusParquet floors are 3/8 thick, and include plank widths of 3 , as well as variable lengths of 12 to 48 , making them a great choice for application in any space.

To offer a range of naturally beautiful wood floors that are unfinished in order to show their gorgeous true colors, the IndusParquet Engineered 3/8 hardwood flooring series features several available wood species to choose from. This wide range of wood options allows for any style to be accented by the natural coloration of exotic wood, creating a space that is gorgeous, unique and elegant, which is sure to upgrade the appearance of any home.