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Forbo Marmoleum flooring has been one of the most popular brands of natural, resilient linoleum flooring for over 80 years. Manufactured with sustainable materials, Marmoleum offers an eco-friendly flooring solution that will withstand heavy use and hectic lifestyles while simultaneously providing design patterns that will keep everyone’s head turning. The style permutations are endless; with multiple and tile plank sizes, as well as a vast array of colors, these beautiful and resilient floors can accurately accentuate any home décor. Thanks to drastic improvements in technology and design for the linoleum market, Forbo Marmoleum—in spite of its age—is a far cry from your great grandmother’s sundried kitchen floor. Whether you desire a solid color, a checkered pattern with a multitude of various colors, or plank designs that can create stunning interior visuals, this flooring line will make you rethink linoleum altogether.

Forbo Marmoleum flooring is designed to offer versatile, attractive flooring solutions for any home. These products come with a Topshield2 finish to ensure maximum protection from the elements so you can worry less about cleaning and maintenance. One of our favorite collections is the G3 Marmoleum Dual Tile line. From fiery reds to deep relaxing blues, Dual Tile comes in both standard 13”x13” and monolithic 20”x20” dimensions depending on your personal design preferences. Fear not if you’re a diehard do-it-yourself enthusiast; Click 2 Plank and Click 2 Tile both offer easy installation methods that will allow you to install your floor in a matter of hours rather than a matter of days. Beautify your living space with Forbo Marmoleum, and provide your home with a floor that will live up to its claims of durability, quality, style, and low environmental impact.

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