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Bruce Hardwood Kennedale Prestige

Bruce Hardwood Kennedale Prestige

Bruce Kennedale Prestige series, a collection of wooden flooring options designed to feature the natural beauty of maple, in several different hues, designed to offer a traditional look that is perfect for creating a warm and comfortable environment in any home, whether it features a contemporary or classic appearance. The planks in this series of high grade wooden floors are sized to be 3 ¼”,4” , and 5” , allowing for a range of layouts to be created, letting one display their own personal style and taste when designing their space.

The available color options in the Kennedale Prestige Wide Plank Collection of Bruce hardwood floors appear natural and traditional, allowing them to be very versatile when attempting to match any décor. Some examples of the available finishes are Caramel, a light tan finish, Cherry, a medium wood tone with a red tint, and Cappuccino, an elegant dark brown shade. These colors are capable of beautifying any space, and are a wonderful accent to either contemporary or classical designs. This stunning series of hardwood flooring provides an excellent flooring solution for any home, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and thoroughly beautifying any space within.