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Azrock VCT

Azrock VCT

Azrock vinyl composition tile provides economical solutions for flooring applications in both residential and commercial settings. Offering an array of products that range from replicating natural materials to showing off loud designs with vibrant colors, Azrock is an excellent choice for many different uses. While vinyl composition tile historically has not been viewed as an environmentally sound choice in building materials, Azrock has developed new technologies to not only make their products recyclable but also easy to clean, therefore requiring less water than many other vinyl collections available on the market. As Azrock only uses raw materials available near their manufacturing plants, the company is able to reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions. This strive for Azrock to do better for the environment than their vinyl predecessors is what makes these products a healthy, sustainable choice for just about any building, whether a condominium, retail store, or hospital.

Azrock vinyl offers several different collections in many styles for optimal design flexibility. Textile VCT offers many visuals that emulate the soft, flowing beauty of several types of fabric. Color Essence is an ideal choice for those who need vibrant, loud visuals. Hospitals, schools, and libraries particularly favor this Azrock vinyl composition tile line. Offering shades that range from soft blues to exciting orange hues, you will undoubtedly liven up your space with Color Essence. Karim Shapes employs geometric patterns for a wide variety of visual selections, ideal for both modern as well as retro-chic designs. Consider Azrock for your next flooring project, as the plethora of collections they have to offer can fulfill nearly any design sensibility.