WE Cork Flooring

WE Cork Flooring
The Wicander family has been active in the cork industry for over a hundred years. WE Cork represents the fifth generation of this historic cork flooring lineage. Headquartered in the foothills of Exeter, N.H., WE Cork sources only the finest cork materials from historic growers throughout Portugal and Spain. At the core of the company’s philosophy is a commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. Since raw cork is harvested without harming the cork oak tree, cork flooring is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. WE Cork ensures the eco-friendliness of its products by purchasing directly from the cork farms, often inspecting each crop by hand.

WE Cork floors are available in several distinctive collections, each offering a unique take on classic cork styles. The Classic Tile Collection is a beautiful and functional option, because the large tiles offer easier installation and a nicely seamed look. The Avant Garde collection features WE Cork’s innovative GreenShield finishes that offer improved durability for use in higher traffic areas. The Timeless Plank collection provides a similar look to hardwood planks with its familiar rectangular dimensions. Though all of WE Cork’s flooring is eco-friendly, the Eco-Cork collection is a popular choice among environmentally conscious homeowners.

Cork flooring is ideal for use throughout the home, from the kitchen and living area to offices and bedrooms. Restaurants, retail stores, schools, and churches can all find great benefits from installing a cork floor. WE Cork offers a cork flooring product for any application, all with a history and legacy to be proud of.

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