WE Cork Avante Garde Cork Flooring

WE Cork Avante Garde Cork Flooring
The WE Cork Avant Garde collection features innovative new GreenShield high-performance urethane finishes that contain advanced aluminum oxide elements for the ultimate in scratch resistance, durability, and beauty. These fine floors combine all of the legendary benefits of cork with the latest finish technologies to create a functional floor that fits flawlessly in the home or commercial spaces.

The collection is also unique because it offers a dozen distinct color patterns that include popular WE Cork Avant Garde Sardinia which is a darker version of golden cork filled with plenty of standard cork characteristics, such as wormholes and non-uniform shaved strips; Olive Barcelona which is a rather dark brown in appearance, taking on a tone reminiscent of mud after the rain; Nairobi which takes on a striped, brick-layering appearance with cork, and Monte Carlo, which is a dark golden cork look with the wormholes but lacking in the shavings appearance.

The WE Cork Avant Garde collection measures in at 11 7/8” x 35 9/16” which is a pretty large design, even if the length is on the short side. But, that’s ok – it’s just another charming quality of this flooring selection.
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