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Tuftex Uptown Girl Carpet

Tuftex Uptown Girl Carpet
Shaw Tuftex Uptown Girl is not for the faint of heart. This carpet collection features neutral blends but they also feature vibrant colors to fit any room and whatever theme that is attributed to that room with its fabulous 30 color palette selection.

This carpet series boasts colors such as Tuftex Uptown Girl Blue Bell which is a soft periwinkle color with a dash of grey mixed in to give it a slight steel-blue look. It’s a great cool color that is great for any bedroom. On a darker note there is Denim, a dark blue that got its name from the material used to make jeans and truly hitting the mark in mirroring the actual color of denim. For rooms with a magical theme, Cotton Candy is a great color choice as a bubblegum pink option that is sure to add an element of fantasy to the room. Wild Strawberry is a deep, bold currant color that perfectly captures the dark and ripe sweetness of a strawberry. As a dark red, this color makes a handsome edition to any room, especially bedrooms. Vivid Violet is another bold color though its appearance is closer to lavender than violet with its soft purple hues. This is another magical hue that can add a great fantastical flair to a bedroom. If traditional colors are more your speed, Sea Pearl is a brilliant pearl-white blend which features a hint of cream mixed in. Or perhaps Shiny Tan is the way to go with its rich and dark sandy colors inspired by waves that swept the beach, soaking the sand in its wake.

Regardless of what type of color you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed with Tuftex Uptown Girl with its wide array of colors and high durability that can last any test of time.
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