Tuftex True Inspiration Carpet

Tuftex True Inspiration Carpet
Shaw Tuftex True Inspiration is everything you could want out of a traditional carpet: itís highly durable, comes in a wide array of colors, and is soft underfoot. Itís the ideal series if youíre looking for earthy tones to use Ė there are 37 colors to choose from so youíre certain to find what youíre looking for.

Tuftex True Inspiration Twinkle is a solid granola color composed of a tan with hints of gold, giving it a color blend of that delicious oats and grains bar and producing a subtle look. A Touch Of Tan is a lovely buttermilk color, giving you a creamy, light tan color Ė a lighter hue compared to its granola counterpart. Of course if youíre looking for a bright white, Snowbound captures the bright allure of snow to give you. If youíre looking for vibrancy, Chilli is a bold crimson color and a darker take on the Red Carpet so if you want to feel like a star yourself, this carpet is the obvious choice. On the flipside there is Grand Canal, an ocean blue hue that produces a calming, ocean look within your selected room. Dabbing at its earthy roots is Sprout, an olive blend which is a great compliment to other earth tones, such as brown. Sunspot is a rich marigold tone composed of a sweeping golden tone.

From looking at these Tuftex True Inspiration selections, there are easily many great color options available, many of which were not listed so be sure to view all the color options available to make your best choice!
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