Tuftex Taza Carpet

Tuftex Taza Carpet
The Shaw Tuftex Taza carpet series is a thing of elegance and beauty. Featuring a Moroccan lantern pattern, this carpet collection captures the regal Mediterranean Moroccan beauty with its simplicity and style. Featuring high durability, high cleanability, and surprising softness, you’ll find that this carpet collection is nothing short of regality.

Featuring 18 colors, this carpet selection offers something for everyone for every flooring project. You can give your space more of a modern look with plenty of grey options such as Shaw Tuftex Taza Bay of Hope which is a metallic grey color composed of a blue-grey hue. This selection can even nod towards styles of the past through the color options such as Fresh Citrus which is a light orange blend and matching a freshly peeled orange. There are also rather unique colors available such as Sweet Pink which is a soft, cotton candy colored carpet or Glen Green which is a sweet kiwi green color. But this collection isn’t all about unique colors – the primary focus is on earthy tones such as brown and grey. Fine Grain is a great brown option as a light, sandy brown color that really captures the beauty of a sandy beach. Cliff Edge is another great brown option, this time featuring a darker brown hue perhaps reminiscent of wet sand. There are many more options for you to choose from as well – these are only a handful of options.

The Shaw Tuftex Taza carpet selection comes in the standard 12’ width and the rest is up to you!
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