Tuftex Swag Carpet

Tuftex Swag Carpet
The Shaw Swag carpet selection is a long fiber shag carpeting with a rich blend of colors for each hues color palette, keeping up with the resurgence in shag carpet popularity. Whats great about this particular collection is that it is rather durable, quite soft, and maintenance is be a breeze. With all this in mind, itll be easy to see why this carpeting collection is a great choice.

With 18 colors to choose from, this carpeting series gives you a variety of color choices to choose from to give you exactly what you need and are looking for. With each blend working seamlessly with its selected color palette, a beautiful look is the end result. The Shaw Swag Raspberry Jam palette is a great example of this. Composed of rich maroons, reddish-pinks, and hints of white fibers, this color palette is a dark and beautiful selection for those that enjoy the dark look and want a new style of blend to achieve the dark look. Doeskin is more in line with typical carpeting color with its amalgamation of browns, tans, and beiges producing a light, gorgeous brown blend. Casual White is a great choice for those that love white flooring but dont want something 100% white. This blend mixes white and tan together, making this selection look rather feathery. For a bold statement, there is Sizzling which produces the look of fire with bright red, dark red, and light brown blends with hints of white here and there. It is definitely a carpet that wont be forgotten. But these are just a few of the shag blends available in this collection theres plenty more to browse and choose from so be sure to look at them all!

The Shaw Swag carpet selection rolls in at the typical 12 width size with free range for length, allowing you all the freedom you need for your carpeting project.
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