Tuftex Solitaire Carpet

Tuftex Solitaire Carpet
The Shaw Tuftex Solitaire series is a simple carpet design for those that like simple pattern designs over more complex designs. Featuring a simple diamond pattern, you get a lovely carpet that can fit in any setting regardless of the décor style of the room. And the best part is, this carpet is not only gorgeous but it’s also hardy and can withstand even the busiest areas, making it truly versatile enough for any location.

There are 36 earthy and neutral blends to choose from and even a couple of vibrant options for those that want to make a bolder statement with this carpet collection. Tuftex Solitaire Cityscape is a simple taupe color with a balanced blend of brown and grey, producing a hue that is reminiscent of downtown, complete with a light taupe diamond pattern to complete the look. Birch is a very subtle blend composed of an ivory background with an alabaster pattern blend sweeping across the carpet and creating a light and airy look with these two monochromatic shades. Darkening it up is Café Noir, a pigment inspired by a morning cup of black coffee ready to be enjoyed with hints of milk spilled into the blend in diamond patterns, lightening up the dark brown ever so slightly. Another brilliantly contemporary color is Polished Silver, the color of coin crossed with a cloud grey, producing a light, silver colored carpet. For a bold, vibrant look, there is Chilli Pepper, a rich crimson inspired by the fiery pepper to add a splash of color and sass to your room.

As you can see with these selected colors, there are many great options to choose from so be sure to check out all the colors Tuftex Solitaire has available!
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