Tuftex Applause Carpet

Tuftex Applause Carpet
The Shaw Tuftex Applause series will certainly grab your attention with its bold cross-stitch pattern design. Not to mention, the durability, softness, and cleanability is next to none, making this carpet design able to stand with ease with its bold look, giving you an intense carpet collection.

This carpet series boasts 24 color options spanning shades of brown and occasional shades of grey. What really makes this selection stand out aside from its bold pattern design is the bold use of color used in the line pattern. Take a look at Shaw Tuftex Applause Coral Blush for example. While the carpet is a typical tan in color, the cross-stitch pattern is colored with a rich crimson color, giving the carpet a strong statement. Cocoa Truffle is another great example of the great contrast in colors. While the carpet is tan, the pattern is composed of a black hue that actually makes the design on the carpet really pop. For a less startling look, Euro Gray features a dark grey carpet color with a light grey cross-stitch line pattern. This is much less startling due to like-colors and is able to blend into a modern space rather easily. The same can be said for Frappe, a light brown complete with a foamy brown line pattern which creates a less startling color blend.

The Shaw Tuftex Applause carpet collection rolls up in the standard 12
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