Teragren Bamboo Portfolio Naturals

Teragren Bamboo Portfolio Naturals
Teragren Portfolio Naturals Bamboo Flooring is ideal for the eco­friendly home decorator. Finding green solutions with serious style is made easy with this bamboo flooring collection. You now have an environmentally friendly alternative to wood floors without compromising style.

Bamboo is abundant, fast growing, and cheap. It’s been used for centuries for timber, scaffolding and bridges in Asia. You too can enjoy this rugged quality with the delicate natural elegance of this series in your home. This collection offers four simple colors with vertical grains and board ­to ­board color variation for the look of genuine wood flooring. Discover the best in alternative design solutions with the beauty and durability of this lineup. The strand bamboo boards are constructed from high quality material harvested at the peak of its maturity, for a very hard and durable flooring product. Each plank is 5” wide with bright tones and eye ­pleasing sheen.

Portfolio Naturals Brindle offers a wonderful mixture of cocoa brown and sunny beige to create the visual grain movement of real wood flooring. Hints of chestnut add to the allure of this versatile choice. Consider cream or white colored drapes along with beige or brown furniture for a pleasing contrast.

To invite the sun into the darkest corners of your rooms we recommend Portfolio Naturals Wheat, which has a honey glow that makes your house warm and inviting. Rooms that are bathed in natural light show the rich details of each 1/2” wide plank. Master bedrooms, living rooms and open concept kitchens are each wise choices for this luxurious shade.

For a stately feel, look to Portfolio Naturals Chestnut. The darkest tone in this collection shows caramelized strands and a classic natural brown that looks good with any design aesthetic. The room's décor and design theme will accentuate or underscore this effect.

To buy bamboo flooring from the Teragren Portfolio Naturals collection, please contact us for price per square foot estimates and shipping times. Be sure to check out the other Teragren collections featuring the same look, feel and texture but with a stained look mimicking exotic hardwoods.

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