Tarkett Vintage

Tarkett Vintage

Tarkett Vintage laminate floors offers captivating contemporary visuals. The collection delivers distressed wood with without a large price tag. These stunning floors utilize state-of-the-art 3D embossing to replicate the charm of time-worn wood textures. Through this collection, designers easily add a touch of history to any interior. All without the up-keep concerns of other reclaimed flooring options! In addition to filling aesthetic needs, this technologically advanced laminate also boasts an environmentally friendly production process.

The manufacturer uses material that comes from 84% renewable sources. 95% of the wood waste reused as energy! This beautiful wood-look flooring is kind to the forest, your budget and engineered to meet some of the strictest indoor air quality standards. As a result, this floor will delight the eyes of homeowners and guests while allowing everyone to breathe a little easier.

The collection presents three striking options ranging from the high color variation of Midnight Rainbow to the ethereal nude shades of Rawhide. Tarkett Vintage Midnight Rainbow provides an Antique Pine, meanwhile, is a grey sky as seen from the pine-wood forest of a smoky mountain top. This contemporary grey adds an almost lyrical layer of history to an interior space. On the lighter side, Tarkett Vingate Rawhide is a muted blond wood look with swirling ripples of oak growth embedded in shimmering seams of fawn and white. This pale beauty would be a perfect answer to any design challenge seeking extra light in a dark space.

Tarkett Vintage laminate floors come in planks measuring 7.63 inches in width with 50.87 inches of length. Each plank is constructed to include 8mm of thickness. A range of attractive accessories are available to complete any flooring look including quarter round edging, reducers, stairnose and t-molding. The quick, convenient interlocking installation system also makes this laminate an excellent choice for anyone seeking to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Consider this attractive, environmentally-friendly floor today for a gorgeous aged floor suitable for a modern world!

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