Tarkett Transcend Plank

Tarkett Transcend Plank
Tarkett Transcends is a gorgeous high-end luxury vinyl wood-look collection that is ready to light up your home with style and strength. Not to mention the easy installation of these floating planks makes this an obvious choice for those that desire a hardwood style.

There are 16 colors available within this collection, all of which carry strong hardwood characteristics. Transcends Skyline Hickory Meadow for example carries heavy characteristics in the form of strong, thick grey graining that are jagged like bold mountains dominating a golden sky. Pecan Swirl Praline is a golden-copper blend with light stains in the form of raincloud grey, giving the hardwood a graceful aging appearance. Long Pine Silver Cloud is a light silver mixed with a soft beige hue, producing a light and airy grey colored wood-look. The graining ripples gently across each plank like a quiet river. Acacia Tamarin is a darker golden-copper blend with olive tones added in to produce a dark and unique look with embellished stain mixing. Brushed Oak Lion takes on the look of a majestic lion that has aged over the years, transitioning from gold to silver with hints of gold peeking through the grey as a quiet reminder of the color it once was.

The Tarkett Transcends luxury vinyl series is available in a 5 x 36.85 plank format. This smaller size allows for plenty of flexibility in installation locations, regardless of room size. Whether its an office or a living room, this sophisticated series is sure to make an impression.
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