Tarkett SPECIFi Plank

Tarkett SPECIFi Plank
The Tarkett SPECEFi Plank luxury vinyl series boasts of excellent performance. By taking the 17 best designs and giving them an overhaul of durability and warranty, you don’t ever have to worry about anything happening to your vinyl flooring ever again. This collection offers 4 levels of durability and warranties (in descending order) to fit whatever your specific needs may be.

As a selection of the most popular Tarkett designs and given incredible strength and warranties, the styles of each flooring option of this particular collection differ greatly from one another. For example, you have SPECEFi Quarter-Mix Oak Barley, which is a rich brown and gold wood-look washed with grey grained overlay, giving the wood-look an aged look. Fruitwood Pear Natural is a rich champagne gold color that pours easily into any room, lighting it up with elegance and a sweet glow. Rock Maple Chestnut is a handsome reddish-brown plank with dark staining dashing over graining. The overall feel produced by this style is cozy and warm, inspired by a comfortable fireplace. As a selection of popular styles, there are more colors and designs to be seen, so be sure to check out all options available!

The Tarkett SPECEFi Plank flooring selection features a variety of sizes since there is no uniform look to this particular collection. Sizes include a small 4” x 36” plank option and a larger 6” x 36” plank. So whether you like large or smaller options, this collection will have you covered.
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