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StonePeak Quartzite

StonePeak Quartzite
Stone Peak Quartzite porcelain tile flooring offers a remarkably authentic take on a classic stone look. These through­colored porcelain tiles are manufactured using the latest advancements in printing and texture technologies to faithfully reproduce the most elegant aspect of nature’s toughest treasure.

The stone look porcelain tile floors feature rectified lines and squared corners to create a nicely seamed look. Any of the choices is ideal for both floor and wall applications throughout the home or far beyond. Plus, the porcelain tile's surface is made with up to 90 percent recycled material, so it is an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

You can choose from porcelain floor tile in 4"x12", 4"x24", 6"x24", 12"x12", and 12"x24". Choose the smaller sizes of porcelain tile for backsplashes or to create spatial depth. Turn to larger sizes to make rooms seem more inviting.

In terms of color, these porcelain tiles touch each point on the spectrum with accents that match all décor schemes. Quartzite Iron features dark brown shades that add a stately feel as bathroom, living room or kitchen floors. Choose light colored fabrics and white drapes to create a stunning design contrast.

Other colors include Quartzite Sunset, which boasts a honey graham cracker shade that captures natural light in rooms with large windows or as outdoor porcelain tiles. With Lime and Moon also as viable options for various décor settings; the option offered by this roster are endless. These striking shades each offer a unique representation of the natural variations of natural quarried stone. Each tile is unique, yet the overall look is very uniform. Any of the choices are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a manufacturer's warranty providing further assurance.

Please call us to order and for square footage quotes on Stone Peak Quartzite porcelain tile flooring. Our product experts are happy to assist you.

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