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Somerset Specialty Strip Solid

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Somerset Solid Specialty Strip Hardwood is a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional oak flooring. Available in Hickory and Maple species, this collection showcases rich colors and accents that will fit with a variety of décor options. From light subtle shades to dark full-bodied hues, this Somerset line of hardwood gives an added character to any space in your home.

This selection is available in seven colors, all of which are beautiful and offer something amazing to your space. There is Somerset Solid Specialty Strip Hickory Natural, which is a yellow-gold wood with varying designs and patterns composing the overall look of the hardwood with its light and dark tones. It is perfect for bringing sunlight into any room. The raincloud grey of Greystone is a great choice if you’re looking to add contemporary flair to your décor. Nutmeg is a gorgeous soft bronze color that gently blends red and brown together to produce a warm and cozy look. Moonlight is a dim brown color blend dusted with grey and reminiscent of hardwood lit by just the light of the silver moon. It makes a great rustic hardwood option.

Somerset Solid Specialty Strip Hardwood is available in the small width size of 2 1/4" and a slightly larger 3 1/4". This collection is complete with an Ultimate UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane finish, giving this collection not only a subtle glossy look but also added protection from the elements.

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