Shaw Venetian Way

Shaw Venetian Way Piazza Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Venetian Way hardwood flooring collection is an exotic creation made from the finest ingredients of genuine wood specimen. This gorgeous assortment of hardwood flooring features an engineered ply-core assortment. Perhaps one of the greatest qualities of this fantastic collection is that the wood is harvested from managed forests located in South America making it not only ravishing to look at, but environmentally safe. What’s not to love? Wait, there is more…

This collection offers Piazza which is delicious combination of honey golden colored hardwood goodness. Pair this particular style with your kitchen and you have a simple and sumptuous upgrade that everyone will love! Venetian Way Laredo is the first venture to the dark side with its clever mix of both light and dark colored wood accents. It is a fabulous way to increase your business office setting. Murano planks are classic with their connection to the strong durable dark hardwood floors of yesterday while Venetian Way St. Lucia screams modern sophistication. St. Marco, as an option, represents a delightful mix of all the colors in this collection truly speaking to the phrase “There is something for everyone.”

No matter what color is chosen, you truly cannot go wrong so select your color, size, and let the wonderment of a flawless transformation begin in your commercial or residential space. To further enhance the beautification process of your property, all five tones are rich and saturated which presents some of the natural variation of the utterly glorious, 100% genuine wood to shine in every room it occupies. While some like it old and some like it new, we can guarantee that with Shaw Venetian Way, you certainly won’t be blue.

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