Shaw Uptown 12 mil

Shaw Uptown 12 mil

The Shaw Array Uptown Luxury Vinyl Plank collection is an excellent option if you want style for your flooring without having to pay the price. With being extremely durable with easy maintenance and cleaning, this collection will make a great choice for withstanding heavy traffic while looking good at the same time. In fact, this selection is so exceptional that it is as strong as it is attractive.

One perfect aspect of this Shaw Uptown 12 Mil collection is that it is offered in 18 colors and design options. In the collection, the Shaw Array Uptown Plank Beaumont Street color has a flow of shades that incorporate taupe, and ranges from light and bordering on brown to dark and gray. Highlighted with an extremely smooth surface related to a visual of a sandy beach, this color is absolutely stunning in heavy lighting areas by helping its true color illuminate inside any environment. Keeping to its name, Bourbon Street is a color that has a rich, syrup color with tight knit gray and light brown grain etching. This dark shade of brown easily produces a bold and modest sense of structure, which creates its presence to be exceedingly perfect.

A darker color separating the two above is Broadway. This is a charred brown teetering on the verge of black. This dark color is grained with extremely dark browns, giving you a very dark and cozy look, but also exemplifying itself with a daring and courageous look. As a polar contrast to Broadway, Canal Street is a bright, airy gold color producing a pleasant, warm, engaging and sunny atmosphere as it looks like fresh bright wood. This color suites best in key lighting areas surrounded by either dark or light dcor. A very subtle color that will fit best in a homey setting.

Canton Street is a chocolate wood color that incorporates a milk chocolate and dark chocolate blend together to create a beautiful creamy design of delicious looking wood. This sophisticated color is perfect for modern tasted individuals and looks stunning in kitchen and living rooms areas that are heavily wide open. Capitol Street is a heather gray wood design. What composes this color and design is the varying shades of heather gray with some areas becoming so light that white seems to appear within the design. This color is eloquent and unique with a sense of fashion that will exploit your individual sense of style. Unlike Capitol Street, Music Row takes on an off-white wood look. As whites have a sense of purity and innocence and beiges work together with the feel of a conservative area they work together to darken down the white color. Peachtree Street is a work of beige and gray harmonizing together creating a soft, aging tree look. With such a simple mix of too soft colors creates and timeless presence adding a sense of peacefulness to the area.

As an LVP, The Shaw Array Uptown 12 Mil collection comes in one size, which is 6x48. With this uniform size, you can achieve your stylish wood floor look without all the hassle that actual hardwood brings to the table.

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