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Shaw Thoroughly Modern 6 mil

Shaw Thoroughly Modern 6 mil
Shaw Thoroughly Modern 12 Mil Luxury Vinyl provides a collection which features the finest wood-look options available on the market today. The options afforded by this highly durable vinyl line are understated, easily matching decor tastes at an affordable price. Perfect for apartments, condos and businesses this luxury vinyl line contains enough trendy features to be appealing without being limited to a narrow range of applications. Homeowners will also appreciate the wide variety of color options that are offered with neutral patterns to match existing decor.

All of these factors combine to make this a fine collection from an industry-leader you can trust. Easily select the ideal look to compliment your design from the fourteen colors and styles featured in this daring lineup of luxury vinyl planks. Enjoy the extremely popular white wood look is found in Debutante and World Traveler. Each plank contains fine grains and tight striations which create a natural flow of clean lines, with minimal distractions from your interior. Light options that include hues ranging from natural tan to golden brown are available in Thoroughly Modern 12 Mil Social Media, Culture, Global, Airport, Interstate, and Commute. Medium brown options can be found in High Rise, Technology, Suburban, and Enterprise. For a darker interpretation of modern wood flooring, Thoroughly Modern 12 Mil Pent House and Freeway offer the best in rich deep coffee brown and espresso hues.

Each Shaw Thoroughly Modern 12 Mil Luxury Vinyl 6
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