Shaw Napa Plank

Shaw Napa Plank

Shaw Napa Plank tile flooring brings the charm of wine country to your living spaces in an exquisite but affordable collection. Much like the namesake, this lineup is chock full of colors founds in Merlots, Sauvignons, and other wines, leaving this floor to age to perfection as wine does. The staining and saw marks within the planks skip lightly along the surface of the wood to create a unique, rugged beauty, that everyone loves. These wide plank tiles are available in 3 colors, with a standard 6” x 24” width and tightly woven mosaics positioned in various grain directions; available to be perfectly paired together. Each size has the common benefits of stain and scratch resistance with unique design advantages along with high strength and durability.

Napa Plank Cask is a color that offers a neutral shade found in the finest wines. A sommelier could appreciate the warm brown tones that seem to rise like bubbles in a wine glass. Incorporated with white, beige, and brown tones within its graining and knots, this plank offers a chic, but calm feel that tends to look absolutely-stunning when combined with darker décor styles. Consider this to be ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms that serve multiple functions with the natural earthiness of this color palette. You can rest easy knowing this series will withstand years of foot traffic and is easy to maintain.

Meanwhile, Napa Plank Estate contains soothing shades of gray that pushes a sense of calm and composure with a pinch of relief, yet still revitalizes time and adds a stately twist to living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. The gray tones mixed with hints of white formed in each plank, produce a bold, but inviting presence that really sets the tone within any room its placed in. Perfect when paired with solid wood furniture for a luxurious feel in various living spaces. Light colored décor will accentuate the design effect of these tile floors, while dark fabrics are a subtle complement.

Napa Plank Vintage is the brightest shade in the collection and really knows how to illuminate itself in rooms of all sizes with the coolness of Icey pure whites. This bright snowy colored plank really knows how to show off its classy sense of style within modernized areas and really stands out when placed with darer décor style tones. Vintage can energize and strengthen your entire surroundings such as remodeled bathrooms, with silver fixtures and glass shower enclosures are well suited for this model. Rooms with large windows and natural light exposure further enhance the radiant tones of this plank. Each of the color choices in this collection have a beautiful modern twist to old world luxury.

A tile's color and width will affect the design effect you intend to achieve. The Mosaic option in this collection is a great choice for smaller rooms that need spatial depth. A darker mosaic style will have less of spatial effect than lighter colors and vice versa. Our flooring specialists are happy to suggest design ideas that match your project. To buy Shaw Napa Plank tile flooring, please call us for square footage quotes.

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