Shaw Mineral King

Shaw Mineral King

The Shaw Mineral King hardwood collection is an attractively designed series with a popular wire brush textures, that allow it to keep up with the current texture found on wood, but not producing something as harsh and aggressive as scraped hardwood floors. This hardwood flooring is the happy medium between smooth and heavily scraped design. This type of texture produces a vintage look, thus creating something timeless for whatever project space you are working on. Though vintage in appearance, this hardwood collection would do well in a contemporary space.

This selection features 8 beautifully rich colors which are sure to create a beautiful, vintage look. The Shaw Mineral King Granite is a blend of various browns and light grays with a wire brush texture that produces an antique look that is familiar with an inviting perfectly aged appearance. The light grays incorporated into the brown hues in this plank allow it to be admired by its authentic color variations. Perfect in bedrooms that execute and combine light and dark colors with one another, leaving it to transform the floor into a woody masterpiece.

Woodlake is bright with warm browns and has tinges of a golden mixture implanted into the wood. The mixed golden hues with the darker brown tones really creates an alluring color that brings everyone’s eyes right to it. This cozy wood is inspired by inviting fireplaces with subtle gray ribbon tones, showing uniqueness of a beautifully aged piece of wood. Stunning when placed in hallways leading into wide open living rooms with heavy lighting and white accents filtered around it.

Three Rivers is a dark, rich chocolatey brown with hints of lighter browns and grays mixed into each plank. With a noticeable difference in graining in each plank the characteristics have endless possibilities. Pacific Crest is a lighter, creamer take on Three Rivers. Still holding on to the noticeable difference to each plank, the wire brushing texture leaves a grey and light brown grain in its wake with a tiny little hint of a heavy vanilla cream twisted into the planks. Bravo is a golden tan color with blends of light and dark creams with super light gray grains producing the texture. A stunning light airy atmosphere radiates within these hardwoods. Crystal Cove is a combination of dark brown and faded grey colors with dark grey jags producing the vintage look of old wood perfectly aged with the right amount of a salt water and sun bleaching. Canyon is a mix of reddish light brown and dark brown with deep blossoming wire brush texture. With this various mix of colors with a large reminder of a deep canyon, so this name makes sense. Bear Paw is the darkest of the colors with a dark chocolate and a soft gray highlighting the age ribbons, blending together in harmonious twist of art.

The Shaw Mineral King 5’’and 6 ⅜ hardwood selection’s wooden planks are ⅜” thick. Looking at the dimensions of this hardwood collection we can see that it has departed traditional dimensions of hardwood, opting for its own style. Going for the non-traditional dimensions shows this collection isn’t afraid to be itself and can be versatile enough to fit into modern settings.

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