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Shaw Metropolis 6 mil

Shaw Metropolis 6 mil
Relclaimed barnwood is in high-demand in relation to flooring choices. As a result, the associated cost of procuring this type of wood is quite high. However, what if you could have the amazing reclaimed look at a lower cost and with much more durability and ease of maintenance built-in? Shaw Metropolis is the answer youve been looking for. Plus its ultra-posh.

Metropolis is offered with a 6 mil wear layer in 6" x 48" planks, reflecting popular trends in flooring. With 10 different wood species color styles, the rustic look is afforded to a myriad of design tastes. The natural look of limed, or white-filled color is presented in three styles. You have Shaw Metropolis 6 Mil Five Points, which is a light golden color heavily saturated in grey grain overlay to give the impression of wear and tear to the wood over years of use. Transit is a straw-yellow with light grey overlay compared to its counterpart, Five Points. This smooth wood-look style has a subtle aging look. Station by contrast is a soft brown color that has been taken over by grey, leaving faint traces of brown in its wake. Rustic blends of natural colors that will add character to any space can be found in Harbor in the form of gold and brown streaks and City Park in the form of gold with grey tones. An ultra-modern take on a rustic look is realized in Township with blending light tans and grays with an embossed grain pattern.

Shaw Metropolis includes a 15 year residential warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty ensuring the durability for many years to come. OptiClean coating protects against stains and provides easy cleanup. Metropolis brings the timeless beauty of salvaged, antique woods directly into your home or office.
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