Shaw Maverick

Shaw Maverick
The Shaw Maverick 7 hardwood flooring collection is a Hickory floor that is ply-core engineered, giving it a rather unique surface texture which makes itself stand apart from other hardwood collections. What’s special about this hardwood flooring selection is the rustic distress features that appear randomly throughout the plank in forms of circular saw marks. This gives the wood an antiqued look which gives the wood the appearance of being worn over time with the hustle and bustle of life.

This charming flooring collection features 3 lovely colors for you to choose from – and they are all distinctive. The Shaw Maverick 7 Antique Gold features a wood that is a rich, dark golden color mixed in with hints of lighter browns and tans, complete with dark brown knotting, wormholes, and the circular saw marks as promised. Leather is a blend of rich, dark browns with deep charcoal graining and charcoal circular saw marks, giving this hue a rugged, aged look. Sundown is the darkest hue composed of a mix of dark browns and perhaps a hint of red, reminiscent of the cool earth when the sun has set for the night.

The Shaw Maverick 7 hardwood flooring series received its name from its 7” plank width, which is a great size for those that enjoy the look of wider plank flooring. As for length, that is chosen by you and your project needs so you are able to have total control of how you want to lay out your flooring.
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