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Laminate Floors by Shaw

Redefining the flooring industry is Shaw Laminate Floors, a top provider for durable, high quality, stylish laminate planks. With revolutionary technology, Shaw Floors expresses laminate to the highest level of realism with beautifully designed wood and stone emulations that homeowners, designers, and architects all love.

Shaw Laminate Floor Surfaces

Shaw's laminate planks are constructed with four layers that offer structural integrity resistant to moisture. They are built with a recycled core with natural designs and a melamine top coat to display a flawless finish everyone loves. Following the multi-layer construction that promotes enduring visual beauty, each Shaw laminate plank is treated with an exclusive Touchable Texture process ‒ for a comfortable wood or stone feel that lays under your feet. Undeniably charming and effortlessly fashionable, these laminate floors won't disappoint.

Popular Laminate Collections

With 25 stunning collections to choose from, each is wildly alluring and offers a wide range of options for optimal creative customization ‒ allowing you to obtain the look and style you are seeking for your home renovation. The Natural values II is one of the bestselling collections, presenting an upscale vibe with emulations of hickory, walnut, and pine ‒ perfect for the opulent designer looking for a dashing upgrade. It's hardwood laminate visuals are quite lovely ‒ adding elegant looks through every design feature. One of the best laminate floors.

Another is Shaw Pier Park, a rustic, wood laminate floor that brings a classy, reclaimed visual to the table. This collection is very unique in design and color ‒ enhancing any type of room into a picture-perfect scene everyone wants in their home. This rugged laminate plank resides best in bedrooms, and living rooms; really bringing out any décor style it is combined with. Similar in design is Shaw Pinnacle Port. This hardwood laminate visual contains weathered hickory, formulating a look that replicates a rundown piece of wood, while still being absolutely, beautiful. If you are someone who loves deep grain and knotting features, this is the wood look laminate floor for you‒ as it heavily uses these techniques to bring out its true personality and characteristics through its surface.

Different from them all is Shaw Reclaimed Collection, which contains hardwood laminate floors created in a pastoral manner. These distressed hardwood laminate floors are simple with a traditional feel, but bring heavy satisfaction to any area of your home. Let this time weathered laminate floor do its job, while you sit back and watch your living space transform into nothing less of beautiful. For the same look with different color shades, look to Shaw Vintage Painted.

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Feel free to call us anytime for a quote on any Shaw laminate flooring selection ‒ 510.698.5142 ‒ you will be in touch with one of our Shaw specialists; where we can get you the best laminate floor price on the market.

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