Shaw International Avenue 12 mil

Shaw International Avenue 12 mil
The Shaw International Avenue collection is a smooth and uniform luxury vinyl collection that captures the unique styles of hardwood, taking on a contemporary style. If you’re looking for something simple and smooth, the look of hardwood without the fuss, and something contemporary, this collection is for you.

There are 18 contemporary wood-looks for you to choose from within this luxury vinyl collection, such as the Shaw International Avenue Abroad, which is a light yellow-gold tone with darker blends and lighter scrape marks, giving the plank a unique look without the actual gashing and blemishing of actual scrapes. Convention is the dark counter part of Abroad, taking on a dark brown dress blended with taupe colors, with light taupe dominating the cracked and scraped look found within this antiqued style. Overseas is a soft grey and ivory color with hints of tan, giving you a tile with a light colored appearance. This style is also smooth and clean with no blemishes present in the design, only color and shade blends. There is a wide color spectrum for you to choose from so be sure to take a look at all of the colors offered in this collection!

The luxury vinyl selection, Shaw International Avenue, measures at 6" x 48" which is a typical size of hardwood planks. With that said, this luxury vinyl selection is a great choice for anywhere that you want to achieve the hardwood look, including foot traffic heavy areas. So don’t be afraid to have the best of all worlds as the namesake of this collection implies!
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