Shaw Independence

Shaw Independence

The Shaw Independence collection is a line of glazed porcelain tile willing to display an exclusive visual of naturality in hardwood combined with several other variations in tile achieving smooth and clean surfaces, perfect for those modern minimalist spaces, as well as for traditionalists striving for simplicity in their living surroundings.

The color palette includes five distinct hues testing some of the trendiest neutral selections at the moment, such as their Ash color, portraying a light cypress resemblance on your everyday surfaces. The touches of charcoal seem to blend along with the tans and cooler greys found on this specific option, creating a scale of cooler browns and tans.

Their color Natural is also one that we should pay close attention to, considering that if you’re truly striving for revolves around a natural aspect and similarity to oak, then this might be the right shade for you. We can see how the general golden brown background escalates to a darker caramel to a few touches of chocolate and espresso.

Followed by this last one is Tobacco, which adequately complements more modern surroundings, and brings out the light out of most furniture pieces, due to its extreme contrast of darker espresso browns and white ash similarities.

And as its name suggests, Walnut gets closer to the natural wood aspect this collection urges to achieve through these authentic shades and hues. We can see a clearer variation in color and wood graining through this specific option, travelling a color spectrum of dark English walnut down to lighter golden tonalities.

Finally, the tone Blend definitely adds that extra spark to more luxurious and glamorous interiors, integrating that popular scale of greys and tans that modern rustic spaces desperately ask for at the moment of planning for the most chic and eclectic look possible.

Shaw Independence glazed porcelain tiles are available in the two unique and rectangular sizes 6” x 24” and a larger 6” x 36”. The pieces can also be incorporated into different patterns and variations in rhythm, such as a modern herringbone or a combination of different tile colors within your interior surroundings.

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