Shaw Illumination

Shaw Illumination
The Shaw Illumination collection is a laminate flooring collection that is made with OptiCore technology. This flooring has the appearance of classic hardwood flooring with the benefits of laminate flooring. When it comes to floors that are beneficial for the environment and for yourself, look no further. OptiCore technology is environmentally friendly while still being strong, stable, and moisture resistant. Choose from a variety of well-design laminate floors that have the detail of real hardwood flooring using the latest technology that Shaw has to offer when it comes to laminate floors.

Floors can be installed using the float installation method. The floating installation method allows the floor to "float" freely above the subfloor. With the float method floors are not attached or held down by nails. Floating floors are generally less expensive to install, DIY friendly, and easier to replace.

These floors can be installed above, on, or below grade. The floors can be installed using the float installation method.

For transitioning the floor, there are three laminate transition pieces available. There's overlap stairnose, quarter round, and a T-molding. The overlap stairnose piece provides the proper transition for stairs. The quarter round piece is the perfect trim for walls or baseboards. T-moldings are used in doorways to join laminate floor in adjoining rooms.

To maintain your Shaw Illumination floors and keep them in the best condition possible there are a few routine maintenance habits to maintain. For spills a damp cloth can be used to blot the spill up. Always clean up liquids immediately and try not to allow them to be on the floor for too long. For spots such as oil, paint, markers, lipstick, ink, or tar, use acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth in order to clean them up. To prevent dirt and grit accumulation, sweep, dust, or vacuum the floors regularly. Shaw's R2® Hard Surface Cleaner can be used to clean the floors as well.

There are a few things not to do when it comes to maintaining your Shaw Illumination floors. Do not wash or wet map the floors. This may cause swelling, warping, delamination, and even joint-line separation. Steel wool, abrasive cleaners, strong ammoniated, or chlorinated type cleaners should not be used. Buffing or polishing machines should also not be used.

The Illumination collection comes with a twenty year residential warranty. The residential warranty guarantees that these floors will not stain, wear through, or fade as a result of direct sunlight or artificial light. It also guarantees that your floors will be free of defects in material or workmanship including milling, assembly, and dimension.

The Collection

The collection comes in seven different colors to choose from. Dusk is a light brown, modern flooring option. With brown knots and hints of grey throughout this floor has a rustic, yet modern appearance to it. Prism is a light brown, warm and inviting floor. It looks stunning next to neutral furniture. This floor is perfect for any space that you want to lighten up and add some warmth to. Twilight is a blend of light whites and greys. The floor almost has a marbled appearance to it. For a truly unique flooring option there is Aurora. The floor is a blend of warm yellows and deep, chestnut browns. It almost has the appearance of a warm fire. This floor adds a warm and dramatic appearance to a space. This floor is perfect for a space where you want a more bold and daring backdrop. Unfiltered is another unique flooring option. A blend of light yellows, warm chestnut browns, and greys, these floors are inviting. Radiance is a stunning warm brown that is light and bright when the sun hits it but also has a deep warmth to it. This perfect for adding an inviting feeling to a kitchen, living room, or dining room space. Moonlight is a rustic blend of dark greys and browns in a variety of tones. With dark and bold knots and crack throughout this floor it has a stunning, rustic appearance to it. This is perfect for adding character to a space.

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