Shaw Glacier

Shaw Glacier
There is a particular charm about minimalism in today’s most fashionably modern interior spaces. Shaw Glacier collection shows us that you don’t really need much to achieve a classic and beautiful look through your surfaces. One color, one texture, and a sea of opportunities to create stylish contemporary eclectic spaces; all through one line of flooring modernists and innovators in general will love.

Let’s talk about the color; what makes their Calacata selection so special? Well, this is a pure white background with fine touches of fossil gray, accurately resembling a sophisticated marble appearance, extremely popular in spaces where glamour takes the lead. The hue represents a delicate scale of cool daisy white, to a subtle pearl, which through these porcelain surfaces ends by implying the gracefulness found in natural stone with the advantages of porcelain, including excellent quality at a low cost, and easy maintenance.

Additionally, these tiles are available in four unique sizes that will help you further personalize your commercial and residential interiors. Their squarely sized 12” x 12” and larger 20” x 20” size are ideal for those wanting that “classic look” of marble, while the inclusion of rectangularity also aids us in leading towards more contemporary ideologies in the design dimension through creatively sized pieces consisting of a smaller 8” x 12” for specific details, and a 12” x 24” to take full advantage of your square footage with a vertical or horizontal orientation and feel. Finally, ideally included for even more detailed sections such as backsplashes, their mosaic option is here to add that conclusive touch to your interiors through the creation of patterns, and hence, movement.

Now you see that the possibilities of a single compilation are truly endless, as long as you’re dealing with the right amount of sophistication and class. The Shaw Glacier collection knows that when referring to the highest level of elegance, there should only be one choice.
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