Floorte Cathedral Oak

Floorte Cathedral Oak
The Floorte Cathedral Oak collection is a stunning vinyl flooring collection that offers an array of colors to choose from.

The planks in the Cathedral Oak collection come in a size of 9" x 59. Planks come with a 20 mil wear layer

The floors are FloorScore certified, meaning that these floors comply with stringent indoor air quality emissions standards.

When it comes to installation, these floors can be installed using the floating method. Floors can also be installed on, above, or below grade.

The collection comes with a Lifetime Residential warranty and a 10 year Light Commercial warranty.

The Floorte Cathedral Oak collection

The collection offers a range of colors to choose from. From mid-tone greys to warm, soothing browns, this collection has something for every space.

The Cathedral Oak collection offers a few brown flooring options to choose from. Floorte Cathedral Oak Ravine Oak is a blend of warm, rich brown floor. It is a blend of deep chestnuts, yellows, and light browns. Floorte Cathedral Oak Shawshank Oak is a blend of warm yellows and light browns. Its light, warm color is inviting and perfect for an open space. This floor is a absolutely stunning and contemporary.

When it comes to lighter brown flooring options there is Floorte Cathedral Oak Buff Oak, Floorte Cathedral Oak Natural Oak, and Floorte Cathedral Oak Khaki Oak. Floorte Cathedral Oak Buff Oak is a mix of light ashy browns and warm, mid-tone browns. This floor has a smooth and contemporary appearance to it. Floorte Cathedral Oak Natural Oak is a very light and neutral floor. This is the perfect backdrop to a space whether the interior design is contemporary or traditional. Floorte Cathedral Oak Khaki Oak is a warm, mid-tone brown. Floorte Cathedral Oak Khaki Oak is a blend of both light browns and warm mid-tone browns. This floor is a warm and inviting mid-tone brown flooring option.

Floorte Cathedral Oak Charred Oak is a stunning grey color floor that is a blend of light, ashy greys and mid-tone charcoal greys. The blend creates a floor that has a minimalistic and contemporary appearance to it. Floorte Cathedral Oak Misty Oak is a light, soothing grey that blends together with white tones. Floorte Cathedral Oak Chestnut Oak is a blend of dark and light tones of greyish-browns.

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