DIY Friendly- You Can Transform Your Room In An Afternoon

We focused on keeping installation simple with a peel and stick backing- no specials tools or equipment needed, just a few hours of your time

Shaw Floorigami DIY Friendly Carpet Tile

Kid Pet & Life Ready

No other carpet is this kid, pet-friendly and stain resistant. Floorigami is so easy to clean. Just remove, rinse in the sink and replace. And if youíre just over dealing with it, simply replace a ruined tile with a new one. Peel, stick, done.

Shaw Floorigami Kid & Pet Friendly Carpet Tile

Beyond Flexible

A peel-and-stick adhesive secures Floorigami in place, without harming the floors beneath it. And you can create a new look any time you like, just by rearranging the pattern or direction of your tiles.

Shaw Floorigami Flexible Carpet Tile

Your Style & Fashion

We changed the way carpet is installed, but we didnít compromise style. So mix and match colors and experiment with patterns to your heartís delight. Itís so easy to bring your vision to life with Floorigami.

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