Shaw Fired Hickory

Shaw Fired Hickory

Shaw Fired Hickory tile flooring collection brings out the wonderfully natural aesthetics of rustic hickory hardwood in a durable format that can withstand the elements unlike any other flooring material available on the market. This beautifully scraped rustic hickory flooring has the natural look of warm wood with the incorporation of wood sawn marks, worm holes, and swirls. Considerably the most perfect blend of a wood look with the durability of tile for commercial or residential environments, leaving you with the best of both words!

This tile collection is offered in four beautifully, rustic colors with each available in the plank sizes of 6” x 24” or 6’’ x 36’’ to further enhance a realistic hardwood appeal. Since Shaw tiles are also rectified, extremely narrow grout lines can be achieved without compromising the structure of the floor during installation. Fired Hickory Spicebark is a favorite color selection within the collection. With rustic intermediate golden browns tattered with dark graining and an added sandy blonde hue, this plank portrays a warm ambience in any room they are installed in. Best incorporated with darker décor styles, which really leads to illuminate the color and characteristics of this floor. The characteristics are similar-to the natural wood look, it’ll leave you with an inviting cabin, homey feeling that no one can resist.

For a softer, more alluring tone, we recommend the reddish undertones and medium brownish highlights found in the Alder design. This color hues in this plank incorporate medium brown and reddish tones with sprinkled colors of beige and black that are seemingly subtle along each plank, but are heavily shining through to show their beautiful appearances. If you are looking for a color that shouts “I’m fashionably bold”, this color is the one for you. Perfect when set in with wooden furniture as well as white/grey accents. Extremely attractive visual for the modern look lovers.

Shabby-chic designers will fall in love with the dusty brown shades and cooling gray tones with the hand-scraped appearance of the Fired Hickory Pecan option. Nearing the color of a cork, fresh out of a bottle of delicious white wine, this flooring design blends its brown, beige and almost black shades together to create a masterpiece of uniqueness. This color scheme fits great in kitchen areas with high exposure to sunlight, giving it the attractive contemporary style no one can hate.

Lastly in the collection is Fired Hickory Nutmeg. This plank beautifully mixes thinly, created streaks of black within its brown/reddish tones, producing an earthy visual that is perfect for our outdoor fanatics. Whether you want to use light or dark décor styles, this fixated color is perfect for either one. Allowing you to be extremely creative with how you want to decorate the room this tile flooring is placed in. Heavy light exposure also will transform the colors of Nutmeg to irradiate its true personality.

Shaw Fired Hickory tile collection is equipped with a breaking strength of 400 pounds and over, and has a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent; spills, scuffs, and harsh weather conditions are no match for this beautiful Shaw Tile collection. In addition to the durability of Fired Hickory, this collection is also made from 40 percent recycled material, so your concern for the environment will be put at ease.

The realistic nature of Fired Hickory tiles is enhanced by Shaw’s very own Clarity Digital Imaging technology, which makes it difficult to distinguish this wood-look tile from the authentic material it replicates.

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