Shaw Dodge City

Shaw Dodge City

The Dodge City collection portrays a balance of naturality and simplistic beauty through an authentic wood look and inspiring color selections. These planks strive for your typical rustic interior, leaving you with enough space to play around modernity and traditionalism: Its reclaimed appearance will not pick a side for you. Imagine that glamorous modern rustic office, portraying a combination of the old and the new through an exclusive design concept and an enviable flooring selection.

Now imagine these same surfaces in a warm and homey dining room and kitchen, collecting memories with your loved ones in the most fashionable way possible. Now, make it happen!

Their Farmhouse selection introduces us to a combination of contemporary and rustic through a scale of cool greys and touches of golden tans resembling natural oak. This is an exquisite option for those wanting a clean, yet, glamorous space, offering freshness and a sophisticated sense of style.

Followed by this, their gorgeous Accent option develops just that: an additional design feature perfect for backsplashes and other accent walls such as showers and fireplace cladding. The dynamic interaction this tile has on your surfaces keeps your eyes in constant movement, making for impactful focal points in any room.

Furthermore, Barnwood is all about the different tonalities in charcoal, as well as darker chocolate and espresso browns. This is an exquisite combination for interiors expressing a dominance with more eclectic and neutral furniture, complementing every lighter shade in the room with the roughness and gloominess of the floor surfaces.

Moreover, if you’re still wanting to see more of that caramel and natural oak hues, then Fencepost can totally fulfill these needs through its authenticity and close similarities to natural hardwood floors, as well as with that exact outline of the color spectrum through a medium cypress and an irresistible white ash.

This gorgeous color palette is concluded by Smokehouse, which can either be leading towards more traditional or contemporary interiors, depending on how you utilize it. For instance, its darker browns and rough textures strives to make us find beauty in the imperfect by a wood look rich in detail and picturesque characteristics.

These 7” x 24” oak-look planks accurately resemble natural hardwood floors on apparent texture, color, and size. The best part is that by keeping the characteristic advantages of ceramic tile, we can actually provide you with all the elegance and sophistication you need and deserve through accessible pricing! The planks are available to be installed in floor surfaces as well as wall panels and accents. It’s time to get your design aspirations going, and Shaw City is here to fulfill your stylish dreams of rusticity and exclusiveness.

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