Shaw Cadence

The Shaw Cadence collection is a laminate floor that has the look of stunning classic hardwood flooring. The Cadence collection comes with OptiCore technology in every plank. These planks are strong, stable, and extremely moisture resistant. The planks in the Shaw Cadence collection are made with environmentally responsible coreboard. Planks are made with wood fiber by-products that would otherwise be burned or put in landfills or with trees from managed forests. The collection is also compliant with the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) requirements, the Endangered Species Act, and the Lacey Act: the U.S. National Wildlife Protection Statute amended to make it a crime to import illegally logged timber products into the U.S. When it comes to design, a quality product, and the environment, you’ll never have to compromise design for doing what’s right.

These floors can be installed above, on, or below grade. The floors can be installed using the float installation method.

For transitioning the floor there are three laminate transition pieces available. There’s overlap stairnose, quarter round, and a T-molding. The overlap stairnose piece provides the proper transition for stairs. The quarter round piece is the perfect trim for walls or baseboards. T-moldings are used in doorways to join laminate floor in adjoining rooms.

To maintain your Shaw Cadence floors and keep them in the best condition possible there are a few routine maintenance habits to maintain. For spills a damp cloth can be used to blot the spill up. Always clean up liquids immediately and try not to allow them to be on the floor for too long. For spots such as oil, paint, markers, lipstick, ink, or tar, use acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth in order to clean them up. To prevent dirt and grit accumulation, sweep, dust, or vacuum the floors regularly. Shaw’s R2x® Hard Surface Cleaner can be used to clean the floors as well.

There are a few things not to do when it comes to maintaining your Shaw Cadence floors. Do not wash or wet map the floors. This may cause swelling, warping, delamination, and even joint-line separation. Steel wool, abrasive cleaners, strong ammoniated, or chlorinated type cleaners should not be used. Buffing or polishing machines should also not be used.

The collection comes with a twenty year residential warranty. The residential warranty guarantees that these floors will not stain, wear through, or fade as a result of direct sunlight or artificial light. It also guarantees that your floors will be free of defects in material or workmanship including milling, assembly, and dimension.

The Collection

The Shaw Cadence collection is available in ten different colors to choose from. The decorative layer of the different available planks is a decorative or photographic layer that is a high quality photograph of Shaw’s stunning hardwood. The colors in this collection are based on current trends in color and texture. The photographs are beautiful, high resolution images that have vibrant colors and realistic details that give this collection a natural hardwood flooring appearance. This collection offers a range of color options from light, bright floors to more chestnut browns. Paper White has a bright, almost frosty appearance to it. The white appearance of the laminate flooring is blended with light browns and light greys. The floor would pair well with modern or minimalist home décor. Pashmina White is a light brown flooring option that is a brown-yellow blend. Misty Oak is another light brown flooring option. A blend of light greys, whites, and warm, light brown, this floor is warm and inviting. Light Beech is a beautiful laminate flooring option. A blend of chestnut knots with warm light browns, whites, and greys. This floor would be stunning in a cabin or any space where you want to add a more rustic, but still modern appearance. Natural Oak is a warm, medium-brown laminate flooring option.

For some darker options there are a range of choices to choose from. Light Pewter is a subdued brown floor. It will make a nice backdrop to a room. Metropolitan Grey is the only grey flooring option in this collection. A blend of light and dark grey, this floor makes a bold appearance in a space. Expressive Brown is a medium brown chestnut floor. It is rich and has character and depth to it. Vintage Brown is another medium brown floor that is a beautiful blend of different hues of brown. Ash Brown is a darker brown flooring option. It has a sophisticated and serious feel to it. It would make a great flooring option for a den or home office room.

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