Shaw Brushed Suede

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Shaw Brushed Suede hardwood will provide your home with a soothing softness and rugged warmth that many other collections simply cannot provide. One of the most popular trends in home design today is the rustic, reclaimed look of timeworn hardwoods; to achieve this smooth yet rugged softness, expert craftsmen use abrasive wire brushes to scrape each plank surface, revealing the soft grain and leaving the hard grain exposed. The delicate detailing of Brushed Suede provides a look and feel like no other. The beautiful finishes are complemented by an engineered construction that provides an added degree of durability. With an additional ScufResist Platinum finish, each floor stays beautiful for decades. No matter your design philosophy, the Shaw Brushed Suede collection adds class and brilliance to your happy home.

Shaw Brushed Suede floor planks measure 4 ˝” wide and feature beveled edges that catch and reflect natural lighting. The bestselling floor from this collection is Parchment, with its naturally occurring wormholes, knotholes, and mineral streaks that give big personality to your rooms. Fedora is a velvety grey tone that both modern and contemporary designers will like for living rooms and dining rooms. Sugarcane offers amber and toffee tones that glow spectacularly in the sunlight. The fullness and unique beauty of each plank’s distinctive grain is on full display with an overall look that is rustic yet refined, like a delicate varietal that comes to life with age. Brushed Suede engineered hardwoods are an instant upgrade that will last a lifetime.

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