Shaw Avenues

Shaw Avenues
Shaw Avenues laminate flooring showcases the spectacular appearances of both domestic and exotic hardwoods in high quality laminate flooring. With easy installation and maintenance, Avenues is a wonderful option for do-it-yourself projects. This collection can simply be floated over the subfloor without the need for cumbersome nails or messy adhesives. Backed by a 25-year wear warranty, these luminous planks will retain their original appearance for decades. More resistant to normal wear, moisture, and scratches than wood planks, laminate is an excellent choice for households with pets or children while still achieving the elegant style of hardwood looks within the home or office.

Shaw Avenues comes in 5” wide planks and four colors that accurately represent hardwood aesthetics with vivid character marks and graining for the ultimate luxe appearance. Avenues Natural Acacia SL081 is one of our favorites, as the replications of natural swirls and grain patterns of this wood species provide flowing visuals throughout any living space. The dusty grey tones of Limed Oak are ideal for both contemporary and traditional settings thanks to the color’s neutral, yet versatile hue. <p>

Designers with rustic sensibilities will instantly fall in love with Avenues Warm Hickory, a blend of deep browns with hints of reddish tones. Rich Acacia provides the opulent look of mahogany staining with intricate, swirling grain patterns that complement dramatic decor and embody an artistic essence. The popularity of this line is easy to understand as you look at the flooring yourself. The planks achieve the natural look and feel of genuine hardwoods wood composition with the added benefits of laminate floors.

The allure of Shaw Laminate Flooring is no secret as it graces the floors of a great number of American homes. Attention to the finest of details and unwavering quality standards are easy to see just by looking at the surface of this floor. Durable gorgeous aesthetics and modern styling make this the avenue to take.

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