Shaw Urbanality Click

Shaw Urbanality Click
Shaw Urbanality Click Vinyl Plank flooring delivers the charm and sophistication of the big city without ever leaving your home. With several diverse and unique colors to choose from, it utterly defines urban living. Colors like Urbanality Central Park with its light blond highlights invoke the gorgeousness of the world famous park on a sunny spring day. Modern styles like Broadway and Skyline inspire the beauty of big city nightlife and give new meaning to the term “a night out on the town.”

While most colors convey the edginess and sophistication of the city, there are more traditional colors like Urbanality City Center, Urbanality City Market, or Urbanality Bridgeway that virtually transport the modern homeowner to a unique SOHO Loft overlooking 5th Ave.

Perhaps the greatest attribute about Shaw Urbanality Vinyl Plank Flooring is the click component. Each plank floor style can be placed down and clicked together for connection. This convenient and fantastic feature is reminiscent of a common city dwellers ability to hop on the train and be transported to work or home in minutes. With each 6 inch plank, Do It Yourselfers will love the user friendly aspect of click flooring installation especially with a stunning and stylish aftermath awaiting them. Urbanality Vinyl Plank Flooring comes in 9 colors and styles; Broadway, Central Park, City Center, Art District, Ferry, City Market, Skyline, Bridgeway, and Café.

So if you enjoy long strolls in the park overlooking the high-rise apartments and curbside patio friendly bistros that perfectly compliment the skyline of the city, you’ll love Shaw’s Urbanality Vinyl Plank flooring. Consider it to be the cheapest trip to the big city that one will ever take with permanent souvenirs. Each flooring is available in 6 x 36 size with the versatility of the Shaw click locking mechanism to make Urbanality installation quite simple and quite chic.

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