Shaw Urbanality 12 mil

Shaw Urbanality 12 mil

Shaw Urbanality vinyl flooring adds big city style to modern, vintage or rustic design themes. The collection features clean and simple woods, such as oak and maple, for a simple yet beautiful design. You will enjoy granular patterns with rich texture that add charm to modern spaces.

Vinyl floors are cost efficient, durable and easy to maintain. This meets the design budget and tastes for remodeling projects or new construction alike. Installing vinyl tiles is made simple with a full­spread adhesive method. Similarly, removing this style of flooring is relatively easy as well. 14 colors are available in a versatile 6” x 36” tile size with 12 mil thickness. The broad color spectrum enables you to create separate design effects with the same collection, which saves time and money when facing deadlines.

Urbanality 12 Mil Broadway 0310V­115 will have you singing chorus lines with clean lines and a smooth finish. The bright color is reminiscent of big city lights that is suitable for living room, bedroom and kitchen floors. Consider this coloration to balance rooms with stark color contrasts. Much like the iconic urban space, Urbanality 12 Mil Central Park 0310v­545 has much to offer for everyone. A neutral wood color has a refined taste found in brownstones, city parks and other urban concepts. You can install this choice to balance rustic or cottage inspired design themes. Designers may choose this color of vinyl plank floor to give rooms an identity without overshadowing other décor.

As the classic song goes, everything is indeed waiting for you with Downtown from Shaw. The dark tiles add sophistication to rooms of all dimensions. A darker shade of vinyl tile is a wise choice for formal dining areas, offices and dens. You can rest easy knowing the surface is easily cleaned and durable to withstand years of foot traffic.

This is a mere snippet of what Shaw Urbanality vinyl flooring has to offer. The many colors blend the beauty of wood grain and texture with engineered quality. Our staff is happy to answer product questions. Please contact us for assistance.

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