Shaw Uptown 8 mil

Shaw Uptown 8 mil

Shaw Array Uptown 8 mil is a dapper wood-look luxury vinyl flooring selection that features rustic looks, traditional looks, and contemporary style looks, which is what really makes this collection a brilliant one. Featuring 18 colors and styles, you have a wide range to play with. The Shaw Array Uptown 8 mil measures 5.96” x 48”, making it a rather large plank format, which is good news for those that love the larger look of hardwood flooring. This also makes this selection a great choice for large spaces where you want to lay down hardwood but don’t want all the stress that comes with keeping your hardwood in tip-top shape.

In the Shaw Array Uptown 8 mil collection, the King Street is a seriously handsome design as it takes on a blue-grey appearance. The blue tones are soft enough to still radiate a strong sense of truth and inducing a calm and peaceful version of reality. This vinyl takes on a hardwood look that can be either modern or rustic as the grey makes it flexible enough to use with either style of décor options. Sweet Auburn in contrast is a lovely white wood heavily peppered with gray graining, giving the overall look of the flooring a soft, lightly colored hybrid appearance. The tossing of the subtle white tones pushes a cleanliness and simplicity like a new beginning.

South Beach departs the gray look in favor of an aging golden wood as grey overlays the gold underneath, making the vinyl a charming eye-catching character with a pinch brilliance and intensity. The Vinnings drive is a very dark nearly black hue but still with visual presence of the wood markings. This color implies a mix of self-control and independence. Pushing away any negative energy the Vinnings Drive planks have an impression of authority and power with a large helping of seduction and a pinch of mystery making anything paired with this flooring absolutely eye-popping!

If you are looking for the more natural wooden visual, Rush Street is the perfect fit. This chocolate brown color incorporates itself with darker and lighter browns to enable that cheerful, outdoorsy feel. Apart from having that outdoorsy wood feel, it brings a classy, cultured feel, that is perfect when placed in any area that is wide open and airy. More so beautiful in kitchen or living room environments.

The Shaw Array Uptown 8 mil collection is featured with a few options when it comes to their warranty. The 6,8, and 12 mil products are offered with either a: 15-year residential/ 5-year light commercial, 25-year residential/7-year light commercial/ or a 30-year residential, 10 year light commercial. Either one is suitable for the three types of mil products depending on the type of environment you live in.

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