Shaw Uptown 20 mil

Shaw Uptown 20 mil

The Shaw Array Uptown 20 mil vinyl with a glue down installation is offered in a plank size of 5.96in x 48in, leaving you with the option of a pattern layout weather you are a traditionalist or a modernist. You will have plenty of creative ideas once you lay your eyes on these planks. The Uptown collection has a very stunning flooring visual with a low-cost upkeep, compared to having the real hardwood with real wood expenses.

Within the 18-colored Shaw Uptown Vinyl collection that is offered, the St. Charles Avenue Vinyl shade has a very unique and dignified sense of masculinity. An ultimate richness in shades of brown with almost a similarity to cork with the large number of characteristics flowing into each plank. The more you gaze at these planks you are going to wonder if someone took an old whiskey barrel and smoothed it out to lay it perfectly on your floor. Unlike St. Charles, The Sweet Auburn is a very light mixture of white and a pale gray almost like a newborn husky pup with extra soft puppy fluff. Fresh with just the right amount of brightness that will illuminate the décor in any room.

Looking for a more traditional tone and texture the Pennsylvania Avenue has an outstanding sense of calm and coziness with a delightful mix of gray and medium brown. A proper dance where not one color is over powering the other. Gliding through like a perfect marriage of two. For a more golden hue the South Beach has that beautiful ray of sunshine that radiates with its yellowish golds beaming throughout the any room. A bright and airy choice for an open area with a lot of windows to feed in even more of a natural presence.

The vast amount of colors available in the Shaw Array Uptown 20 mil vinyl collection can put your mind running in a color wheel. Fitting to any design type from the contemporary looking for the clean edges to the traditionalist with the everyday style curve. You cannot go wrong with whichever color and style you choose to implement in your residential environment.

The Shaw Uptown 20 mil collection is featured with a lifetime residential warranty and a 15-year commercial warranty.

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