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Shaw Signal Mountain

Shaw Signal Mountain

The Shaw Array Signal Mountain vinyl flooring collection captures the rustic charm of hardwood. It's a great addition to any flooring project where you're looking to add a bit of charm and comfort to the room without the expense and upkeep of actual hardwood. With this water-resistant flooring selection, you can easily have beauty, durability, and affordability.

The Shaw Signal Mountain vinyl flooring collection offers you 14 different styles and colors to suit your individual tastes and needs. Shaw Array Signal Mountain Plank Rover Road is a soft tan with a light gray glazing over each plank, flanked by knotting and wormholes to give you that antiqued hardwood look straight out of a posh home design magazine. By contrast, Mullen Cove features darker tan colors and a reserved gray tone that holds a steady effect washing over the plank accompanied by natural knots and real wood blemishes to give you a darker interpretation of aged hardwood. If you're looking for something more alive and brighter, Ridgeway Avenue sports a golden brown hue with beautiful dark golden graining that pushes forth a royal mix of color, majestically capturing the beauty found in natural woods.

For something vibrant and more on the modern side, consider Majestic--a versatile modern yet alluring silver illuminating the darker grey graining that flows throughout the plank, giving off a clean crisp look. The Apple Cider option is a richer deep monotone hue geared for that simple yet elegant feel of a polished wood appearance. A slight hidden reddish undertone brings out a darker brown earthy motif. Ruby Falls pairs nicely with mahogany furnishings and off-white accents, making it a popular choice in bedrooms, living rooms, and foyers for conveying a slightly antiquated ambience. Similar in tone is Rock City, only with fewer reddish tints and more interwoven grain patterns of alternating medium browns and midtone beiges. The lighter patina of Rainbow Falls is an ideal choice for drawing in natural sunlight through floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and skylights embedded into high vaulted ceilings. Fairmount Orchard is perhaps the darkest brown in the Signal Mountain collection, perfect for conveying a sense of dignified, established traditional home d

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